Haiya! Tanasha Donna’s relationship with The late Kevin Omwenga finally explained

With the wash wash Cartel getting exposed, a few Nairobi socialites will find themselves in the mix; because come on – most these guys hang out with pretty petite girls who help boost their self esteem.

Not forgetting the good time…which I hear it’s more of a butter trade kind of relationship.  Money/flashy lifestyle for wild experiences.

Tanasha hanging out with late ‘friend’ Kevin Omwenga

Anwyay so far you might know or have heard of these women in Nairobi; and problem is – they actually don’t hide it as good as Huddah did back in the day! Those of today like parading their lives on Instagram and I can promise since most are jobless but live life like they have millions in their accounts.

Tanasha Donna linked Kevin Omwenga

Well, having been convinced that Tanasha Donna was just friends with the late 28 year old Kevin Omwenga; turns out that the guy might have been financing her lifestyle.

Tbt: Tanasha flaunts new ride

This is after one of Obare’s followers who recently revealed that the blue Mercedez Benz Tanasha has/had been rolling around with; was gifted to the singer by the late Omwenga. Can your friend even?

The lady went on to add that she learnt about this information from the late Omwenga; (talk about men who kiss and tell) who was her (Obare’s fan) boyfriend at the time.

Tbt: Miss Tanasha with the blue Benz

The late Omwenga spending the with Tanasha

Judging by the fact that Tanasha had been spotted hanging out with the Kevin Omwenga a couple of times; chances are that these two may have actually been very…like very good friends; to a point he gifted her a car. Can your friends even?

But knowing how greedy these ‘businessmen’ can get; could it be that Kevin was so kind hearted that he didn’t need anything in return? Ooliskia wapi!

Tbt: Tanasha with alleged wash wash friends

Also the fact that new information claims he might have been killed for his ego; chances are that he might have felt untouchable – and clearly usicheze na pride ya new money.

Anyway whether friends or more – I bet both parties benefited one way or another from their relationship.

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