Hakunilipa; Kibe on his decision to interview Mungai Eve rather than Trevor

Kenyan Content Creator Andrew Kibe has clarified the reason behind choosing to do an interview with Mungai Eve instead of Director Trevor.

Kibe’s decision raised questions and criticisms from some netizens, as it appeared contrary to his perceived advocacy for the “boy child.”

During the launch of his comedy show in Nairobi, Kibe explained that Mungai Eve compensated him generously for the interview, while Director Trevor did not.

“Trevor alikua anilipe hakunilipa, so why would I give an interview for free? But for real, he never asked for the interview, but Mungai Eve asked for the interview,” responded Andrew Kibe to the inquiry.

Andrew Kibe recently appeared on Mungai Eve’s newly launched YouTube channel, ‘Mungai Eve Media,’ following her departure from Director Trevor’s channel. Kibe was the first guest, engaging in an hour-long session covering various topics, including his career and Mungai Eve’s past relationship with Director Trevor.

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