Harmonize and Sallam SK playing out their beef at funeral is disgusting

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Harmonize and Sallam SK have allowed their beef to play out at Babu Tale’s dead wife, Shammy’s funeral. The incident was the culmination of months of bad blood festering on SK Sallam’s side with regards to how Harmonize left Wasafi Classic Baby Records.

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You see, when Harmonize announced he was going to leave WCB, the powers that be within the record label and artist management arm of the business were miffed.

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You see, when Harmonize decided to leave, Babu tale and SK Sallam announced that they would ensure he did so the right way which turned out to mean he had to buy himself out of the contract. As a result, Harmonize coughed up went four million Kenya shillings in the Tanzanian equivalent.


Harmonize on his part doesn’t seem to have had any ill will towards Babu tale but he does seem to lack good judgement.

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You see, knowing how Babu Tale felt about him, he should have simply kept his interactions to mourning and consoling SK Sallam. He should have focused entirely on passing his condolences onto the bereaved and moving on.

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Babu Tale’s reaction was also not only immature but it was petty. You are at a man, a friend’s funeral and now we have to sit here and talk about how you’re too knucklehead to show a modicum of respect towards him and his family by not getting sucked into snubbing Harmonize?

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One has to wonder at amazement at just how Babu Tale and SK Sallam have managed to build up WCB because clearly the emotional maturity and intelligence shown by the former isn’t where it’s at.

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Harmonize should not have forced the handshake. When a person signals that they are ignoring you, have the self-respect to not impose your presence on them. Harmonize should know that his presence is a gift so if one person doesn’t accept it, keep it moving.

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When it comes to dealing with people he doesn’t like, Babu Tale should know that there is a time and place for everything. If SK Sallam has invited Harmonize to his wife’s funeral, he should respect that out of respect to his friend and brother.


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