“He beat me because I refused having sex without protection” Alleged side chick exposes Frasha after affair ends in tears

P Units veteran rapper Frasha has found himself trending on Instagram all thanks to his alleged side chick that has exposed him after he beat her up as revealed on her IG stories.

Before that…allow me to say, Nairobi is just messed up and marriages/relationships are no longer things people can brag about. I mean, it’s like everyone is dating everyone.

P Unit

Anyway back to our Frasha story, his alleged side chick known as Phieso Afficial; an upcoming rapper has exposed the old man for cheating on his wife with her. Aki Nairobi.

Her decision to expose the guy came after he allegedly beat her up after she requested him to use protection before getting intimate with her. As seen on the post, Phieso wrote;

It’s time for this old m*l*y* “45 years b!tch @ss man to be called off…yani iki kimtu kimenipiga leo cz of asking him to use condom protection cz I don’t f-ck raw.

On yet another post the lady went on to add;

Frasha is f**c**ng @sshole. He beat me like a dog few minutes ago. Yani mpaka ukakunywa pombe nimenunua na ukanikuta war….yanii yaniii men are trash…that’s why I am the way I am….

Drags rapper’s wife into the mess

Well, just to show how bitter she was towards this fella, Phieso ended up dragging Frasha’s wife into the scandal as she wrote;

Frasha’s family

Aki nahurumia bibi yake mbaya. But si ni life. Y’all at home thinking ua men are faithful but “nasema woi woi woi jua ni kubaya”

Well, when explaining why she decided to expose the fella after (let’s say weeks or months) of sending him nudes; Phieso’s excuse is;



Last year Frasha was obsessed with me. Yani he got mad when I was associated with anyone. Waaah he was so insecure while married, old n has kids.

For those claiming  the upcoming rapper is clout chasing with Frasha, she addressed them saying;

This is not clout, it’s very real. I don’t need followers or sh!t!!! But it’s what I experienced from so called celeb

Well…below are receipts from their WhatsApp conversations; and if this is true – then I guess Frasha really likes to get teased.

And clearly he wasn’t sending that lunch money without the girl sending him the naughty photos. Oops!

Phieso Afficial’s pages already deactivated.

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