“He is a father three and a deadbeat”’Mr Seed’s baby mama opens up

Image: Mr Seed

Mr Seed must have learnt his lesson after getting involved with Somali crush, Swabrina who he apparently got pregnant; and the two already welcomed a baby boy – but problem is, the lady claims Seed isn’t supporting her.

For the past few months the lass has been painting Mr Seed as a deadbeat dad and looks like she is not about to stop.

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Swabrina made this clear by sharing a few posts about deadbeat dads alaar and at some point she actually accused Mr Seed of having 3 kids.

Swabrina shared photo of Mr Seed’s newborn

Well, chances are that the baby mama is still going through the bitter phase; (which is understandable) but the drama for real leaves her looking like the toxic one. But hey, her monkey – her circus, right?

Dad of three

However with the bitter posts at least I can say that we have learnt new information about Mr Seed who is apparently a father of three.

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Well, we already know of his son Gold with wife, Nimo and the second child with his Somali fling; but we can’t help but wonder whether the alleged 3rd baby mama exists or not.

Anyway, on the post Swabrina wrote;

Swabrina exposes Mr Seed

Well, truth is – it appears that Swabrina (the baby mama) is working overtime to make Mr Seed’s life unbearable; but again, I’m sure it’s a well learnt lesson for the gospel singer who couldn’t keep his hand off honey pots in Nairobi. No?

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