“He was misunderstood” Njugush defends Abel Mutua after the ‘Tanya’ confession

Njugush has finally addressed the rumors about his friend Abel Mutua allegedly using his scriptwriting skills to fulfill a long-term desire to kiss Sarah Hassan, who played Tanya on the TV show “Tahidi High.”


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In a recent interview with Nairobi News, Njugush clarified that the viral clip circulating was taken out of context by individuals with malicious intent. He emphasized that Abel was referring to his character, Freddie, on “Tahidi High,” not himself personally.

Njugush pointed out that if the full video had been posted, people would have understood Abel’s true meaning. Fans of “Tahidi High” are aware of the genuine relationship between Tanya (Sarah Hassan) and OJ (Dennis Mugo).


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According to Njugush, Freddie (Abel Mutua) had always admired Tanya, a humble high school student who did not reciprocate his feelings. Tanya was known to have a crush on OJ, who was not the best choice for her. To add a twist, scriptwriter Abel Mutua decided to give Freddie a happy ending, allowing him to at least get a kiss from Tanya, despite her choosing the wrong partner initially.

Njugush further explained:

“Towards the end, everyone wanted Tanya to be with OJ and would make it difficult for Freddie. Everyone was against Freddie being with Tanya. So, when Abel had the chance to write the ending, he decided to add a twist, not for Sarah Hassan, but for Tanya. People have taken it out of context.”

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