Heads Up! Kenya Met Department Warns Of Wet & Windy Weekend

Get ready for a wet and windy weekend across much of Kenya, with heavy rainfall expected in the Central Highlands, including Nairobi, Western Kenya, the Lake Victoria Basin, and the Rift Valley regions. These downpours could lead to flooding, waterlogged roads, and disruptions to travel plans.

The rain is expected to persist throughout the weekend, and residents in these areas should be on high alert. Don’t wait until Monday! Northwestern Kenya can also expect showers starting May 20th, with a chance of heavy bursts that could cause similar issues.

But that’s not all! Strong southerly and southeasterly winds exceeding 25 knots (45 mph) are forecast for the eastern half of the country and the northwest. These winds pose a safety risk, potentially bringing down branches, blowing debris, and creating other hazards, especially in open and elevated areas.

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Stay Safe this Weekend

The Kenya Meteorological Department has issued important safety tips to help you navigate the wet and windy conditions:

  • Secure any loose outdoor items to prevent them from becoming projectiles in the wind.
  • Avoid open areas during peak wind times to minimize the risk of injury.
  • Stay informed! Regularly check weather updates and advisories from reliable sources like the Kenya Meteorological Department.

For those living in flood-prone areas, be extra vigilant and prepared to move to higher ground if necessary. It’s also a good idea to clear drainage systems around your home to prevent waterlogging and have emergency supplies readily available.

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By following these tips and staying informed, you can stay safe and prepared for the upcoming weather event.

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