“She has been with me through hell” Comedian YY showers his mum with praises

Former Churchill shows comedian YY has every reason to praise and flaunt his mum. According to him, the mum is the only best friend he recognizes and this is because they have both faced good and bad times together.

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Like most celebrities who were raised by single mum, YY is no different. His mum played the role of a dad and mum to ensure that they never lacked anything.

However coming from a humble background, sometimes they were forced to go hungry; but he is grateful for such experiences.

YY introduces his mother

In a new post shared by the comedian he introduces his mum to his online family; but what caught many people’s attention is the caption. He praises her for having played the role of a super mum in his life saying;


Why he quit Churchill show

From what we heard is that the comedian felt that he was being underpaid and chose to walk away. He however makes appearances once in a while since he is still good friends with Churchill.

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