High School girl caught on video drunk will still be punished despite Chipukeezy’s intervention 

Kenyans were recently left feeling sorry for a high school girl video taped drunk and causing a scene while on her way back to school.

The girl, who said in the viral video that she drinks alcohol because her mother also does the same, was visited by NACADA director Vincent Muasya aka Chipukeezy who promised to mentor the young lady after seeing the video.

Chipukeezy on Saturday took some time to visit the home of the girl in question , as he sought to get to the bottom of the matter. He was accompanied by CEO Victor Okioma and officials from the Nyeri County Liqour Licensing Board.


On social media, Chipukeezy shared in a long post that people should stop judging the lady and give her encouragements because she needs it now more than ever.

He also said the school board will still punish her despite Kenyans on social media insisting that she should be forgiven for her acts.

Here’s what Chipukeezy wrote:

“Today, I started a journey of mentorship.

This girl nyaguthie is only 15 years old and in form 2

We made her video viral, she had an inside cry for mentorship and as a Director of Nacada, I drove to Nyeri and met her family.

She is a great soul. She knows what she wants from life. She knows that she must face some form of punishment for what she did. At home she already has and at school she will go through the disciplinary actions.

The guidance and counselling department at school will play their part.

However as a young person and a Director of Nacada, I have offered my hand to show her the reward of hardwork, the benefits of being in-charge of her destiny and the value of being sober while crafting and reaching out for her dreams.

My mentorship plan will be to encourage her to concentrate on her studies and reward each target we have agreed on. I will also support her talent too.

I will not do it alone. If you have an idea or you are involved in inspirational programme drop me a comment or a message and I will contact you.

That is why I hold this job, to reach out to many hearts, provide hope, stretch my hand to as many people as I can and to leave a cheer of inspired people. So help me God.

Through her singular journey of mentorship, we will begin a movement that will reach to many other kids of her generation.

We must start. Instead of sitting back and criticizing, rise up and be counted for being part of something.

God Bless You all.”

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Pauline Syombua

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