“Hizo ni vitu gani anafanya and I am boss” KRG on criticizing his ex wife’s hustle

KRG the Don isn’t letting anyone tell him how he will handle his ex wife, Linah. According to him they have been together for 10 years and when we see him criticizing her – it’s not because he hates or dislikes her but it’s because he wants the best for her.

Krg with ex wife, Linah and a friend

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko about his marital woes – KRG the Don made it known that people don’t know the real reason they parted ways and because she still remains the mother of his two kids – he doesn’t want to ruin her reputation.

However he happened to mention that Linah (ex wife) has tried having him killed by assassins, insults him in private among other things he will not mention. But…him being a gentleman – he has no bad blood.

 I only talk about her online, but offline she abuses me, she spreads rumors mwisho wa siku nanapoteza muda

Linah downgraded after years of upgrading her – KRG the Don

Well having tired to help her build an empire like he did, KRG the Don says all she wants is to suffer; hence her current hustle as a model who is paid Ksh 2000 or 5k at most – knowing very he can help.

But again – you can’t take a cow to the river and force it to take water, right? Anyway about criticizing her current hustle – Bugga as he calls himself said;

Linah reunites with kids

if you ever hear me criticizing someone or something I don’t do it out of hate I don’t wish any bad on her, no I wish her success because at the end of the day she is the mother of my children.


But it cant be that the mother of my children is doing vitu za kijinga and I’m a full boss. Do you understand?

About being bitter about her KRG the Don said;

Ati I’m bitter nini nini but I want to tell you one thing, me ni mzee Bugaa I know how to make people talk.

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