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Kenyan radio icon Conrad Gray, popularly known as G Money, is concluding his remarkable 17-year tenure at Homeboyz Radio. His departure marks a significant shift for the station and its dedicated audience.

G Money wasn’t merely a presenter; he was the essence of Homeboyz Radio. His charismatic presence, distinctive voice, and profound musical expertise made him a favorite among listeners. His show, “The GMITM Show” (G Money in the Morning), became a staple for many Kenyans, seamlessly blending music, humor, and engaging discussions on current affairs.

Interestingly, G Money’s initial role at Homeboyz Radio was not intended to be on-air. He came to Kenya to assist DJ John in setting up the station after they met in London. “[Quote about meeting DJ John and Homeboyz Radio startup] Life, however, had other plans,” G Money shared on a recent episode of the Banter Box podcast.

He transitioned from a setup consultant to a prominent presenter, becoming a key figure at the station and in Kenya’s dancehall scene. G Money’s final show at Homeboyz Radio will air on June 20th.

Reflecting on his long journey, G Money acknowledged the need for change. “That’s 6,066 days on Homeboyz Radio, and 16 years doing the morning show,” he stated. “The station must adapt to the evolving media landscape, making it an ideal time to reinvest in talent and introduce new energy. It’s also a moment for me to reflect on a 30-year radio career that began with a childhood dream.”

Expressing gratitude for his extraordinary journey, G Money said, “Radio has always been my passion. I’ve been lucky enough to live this dream not just in Kenya, but in Jamaica, America, the Netherlands, Trinidad, Ghana, and Uganda. It has been an amazing ride.”

G Money has yet to announce his next steps.

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