Hospitalized Churchill show comedian set to undergo brain surgery (Details)

The unfortunate incidences going on in the local entertainment scene, no one can explain, the best we can do is just have all creatives in our prayers.

Wednesday, June 24, popular comedian Othuol Othuol was reportedly rushed to Kenyatta National hospital after he allegedly collapsed in the bathroom at his home in Kitengela.

Hours later, word had it that despite his poor state of health, he had to queue before getting attended to – something that ignited online uproar among Kenyans and fellow comedians.

Comedian Othuol recuperating in hospital

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Brain surgery

However, after receiving medical attention, it has emerged that the comedian has growth in his head, thus calling for brain surgery to save his worrying situation.

Comedian Othuol Othuol

Creative director, Victor Ber divulged to TUKO on phone, that Othuol had yesterday informed him about the unfortunate diagnosis that has prompted his brain surgery.

A few weeks ago, he collapsed in the bathroom. He was rushed to hospital where he has been up to now. Othuol was diagnosed with a growth in his brain and he called me on Wednesday, July 1 to let me know.

Unfortunately though, Othuol will have to spend at least 6 months admitted until he is fully recovered from the sensitive surgery.

Comedian Othuol Othuol

Details regards the needed financial capacity for the surgery and the date it is set to be performed, however remain unknown.

He is gonna be in the hospital for 6 months. Churchill is on it. Othuol called me yesterday to convey the message. He needs brain surgery. As per now, we do not know how much it will cost and when the surgery is scheduled.

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