‘How Does This Improve Nairobi?’-Johnson Sakaja Under Fire For Hanging Out With American Singer Kelis

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja’s recent photo op with American singer and chef Kelis is raising eyebrows. The encounter comes just days after Kelis documented her experience in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD), highlighting its vibrant but chaotic nature.

Kelis’s unfiltered video of navigating the bustling CBD streets went viral, showcasing the city’s raw energy with bustling crowds, honking cars, and pedestrian rights that take a backseat.

Following the video’s buzz, Governor Sakaja’s photos with Kelis ignited mixed reactions. Supporters lauded the move as promoting Nairobi’s cultural scene and engaging with international figures. Critics, however, questioned the priorities it reflects.

With challenges like urban planning and pedestrian safety plaguing the city, some residents feel addressing these issues should be paramount, not photo opportunities. Several comments pointed this out:

  • “Sasa how does this improve Nairobi?”
  • “Mr.governor, we need bins, not selfies.”
  • “She challenged you on disorganization, not modeled with you.”
  • “Isn’t it odd you took her out of the CBD?”

The incident reignites the debate about public figures’ roles: building connections or tackling problems head-on? While engaging with cultural icons can bring positive attention, neglecting pressing issues can leave residents wondering, “what about us?”

The Governor’s next move will determine whether this episode becomes a bridge to cultural exchange or simply a fleeting photo op.

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