Huddah Monroe: I am not sure many people get attracted by my n*de photos, I get paid to do so

A while back, girls used to pose in naked photo shoot to gain publicity. Huddah is among those who made a name for herself by exposing her bare body.

There are dozens of Huddah Monroe’s birthday suit photos online, the petite socialite regularly poses in her bra and panties.

But now Huddah no longer shares her nude photos just for publicity, the socialite is making a killing just by exposing her body on social media.

Product promotion

Huddah took to social media to advice girls on naked photography, she revealed that she wasn’t just posing naked for sheer fun but rather she get paid to do so as product promotion.

“I know many view me as a public figure but I am not sure many get attracted by my nude photos that I post online.  I want their parents as well as they to understand that I get paid to do so as product promotion. All this time, I get paid to do so; whether it’s a bikini or a hotel. I can’t do so just for fun,” wrote Huddah Monroe.





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