Huddah Monroe: I just want to fall in love and disappear

Huddah Monroe’s biological clock is ticking. Of late the petite socialite has been preoccupied with matter marriage and relationship.

Huddah Monroe likes hanging out with boys who are heavily loaded, the socialite made Nigeria’s Timaya cough out 800k during his recent trip to Kenya.

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The socialite is now contemplating getting hitched, recently Huddah revealed that she wouldn’t think twice if Wizkid was to ask for her hand in marriage.

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Huddah has once again stated that she is ripe for a relationship, she said she yearns to fall in love, disappear from social media and make babies. Huddah is however being held back by the fear that no man is worth risking it all for.

“I want to feel it…even if it hurts!I just want to fall inlove and disappear . Delete all these social media! Focus on that love! Make 10 babies!??❤️ But there’s no one worth the fall! So let’s continuuuu with them ONS?? #STARGAL ⭐️” Wrote Huddah.

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