Huddah Opens Up On Previous Weight Struggles, Says She Abused Drugs

We have to admit, Huddah has the body that both men and women would admire. However, attaining such a curvy and petite body wasn’t a walk in the park for the socialite. Huddah has had her fair share of struggles in coming up with such a body.

With most of her fans admiring her, Huddah has had most of them asking her about how she manages to maintain her shape. Some have struggled with trying to lose weight, while some struggle to gain weight.

On her Insta stories, Huddah disclosed her struggles at first when she tried to lose weight to an extent where she thought she’d die.

”There’s a time I was anorexic coz of drug abuse. People were counting days to when I’ll collapse & die.

I used everything to help me gain weight. Nothing worked. I know the struggle and the stigma and criticisms.

Weight gain and weight loss is a huge issue. And hard to achieve either.”

Huddah continued to say that she was finally able to regain her body back after 3 weeks.

”However, I used a product that helped me gain weight in just 3 weeks. I ate nonstop.”

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Do you think will Huddah be able to maintain her exquisite shape if she ever gives birth?

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