“I am not dead!” Machachari actress, Mama Baha, alleged to be dead, strongly refutes the claims

It was just yesterday that news flew around concerning Machachari actress, Wanjiku Mburu alias Mama Baha’s death.

However, she is not dead. The popular act has come out to dismiss the claims that she is no more.

Mama Baha on Wednesday, the 2nd of October condemned the news while confirming she is alive and doing well.


Sadly, her alleged death was fueled by news of the death of Machachari’s director of photography, Mburu Kimani’s wife, Pamela Wanjiru.

Speaking to TUKO, Mama Baha clarified:

I am well. The blogs should at least call people to confirm before spreading false reports. It is true someone died but it is not me. I am not happy with the false reports and people using my photos. My heart goes out to Mburu Kimani and his family for the loss of their loved one. My fans should know I am alive and let us keep doing our work.

This she sought to point out just to make things straight concerning the death at hand.


Her friends also took to social media to confirm that the spreading rumors are but false because Mama Baha is strong and healthy.

One identified as Emily Princess Kimani shared:

For clarification purposes, the one who passed on is Mburu Kimani’s wife. Mburu is the director of photography for Machachari. Some artists who wanted us to break the news gave us wrong information saying it was Mama Baha. I apologise to Mama Baha and her entire family and fans. To Mburu Kimani, our sincere condolences for the loss.


Sadly, the popular actress had to come out and dispel the rumors, hours after media reports cited her death due to cancer.

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