‘I Dreamt Of This For A Long Time’-Amber Ray Delighted With Her Dubai Tour

Voluptuous socialite Amber Ray(Faith Makau) is currently living her best life in Dubai. With her only son in tow, Amber Ray is in seventh heaven and owes herself some happiness. I mean, who wouldn’t want to visit the UAE and experience all the exorbitant activities, including having dinner while on air! literally. It’s just everyone’s dreams.

For Amber, it’s now time for her to enjoy herself. And as she normally puts it, life is for the living. With her bubbly character, she’s always an entertainment to her fans whenever she’s having such kind of fun. She’ll just caption her photos randomly with some peculiar advice.

Either way, she accords her sumptuous lifestyle to the money she’s been making. She has been flaunting her life in UAE and her captions say it all;

‘Oh money always locate me.”

”You see why money is good?”

”Oh I love beautiful & expensive places.”

The socialite claims that this is not her first time in Dubai, but it’s her best one.

”Thank you my Dubai people for the love. This is my 5th time in Dubai but one of my best trips. The love is mutual.”

Amber Ray doesn’t believe in suffering at any cost. And it’s needless to say money looks good on her. I guess you don’t need a mubaba or mumama in order to afford a Dubai tour. Or maybe you’ll need one, just maybe!

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