“I felt unworthy of love,” Wahu opens up about her battle with self esteem issues as a young woman

Singer Wahu switched from making secular music to gospel almost 10 years after dominating the industry with nothing but hit songs. She is however still in the music industry; but unlike before the singer is all about spreading gospel through her songs.

Back in the day things were however not as easy since she had a few demons to battle with. The singer revealed this through her instagram page, the mother of two has opened up revealing how she struggled with self esteem issues back in the day.

According to Wahu when she was teenager she felt ugly, unintelligent; and above all she did not feel worth to be loved. This being part of the adolescent she probably did not imagine the effect it would have on her; until the insecurities got worse in her early 20’s. Through her gram the gospel singer wrote;

Singer Wahu

As a teenager and into my early twenties, I had terrible self esteem issues. I felt ugly, unintelligent and unworthy of being loved. I never thought I’d amount to anything much in life. I wish I could go back in time and tell 17 year old wahu that everything’s gonna be more than ok. That God is on her side and she will overcome.


With this story, Wahu went on to mention that  she hopes it speaks massive to anyone struggling with anything that makes them feel less. She went on to add saying;

Singer Wahu on her wedding day

I dont know who needs to hear this but dont believe the lies the devil will throws your way. Gods got you young girl…Gods got you young man. And there’s nothing like being worthy of Gods love..no..his love is unconditional..it knows no religion, no “I’m good or im bad”…no “I dont deserve good things to happen to me”…no. And the bigger your test the bigger your testimony.

Although we don’t get to hear much from Wahu like before; the lady continues to use her social media pages to spread positivity and encourage those at their lowest especially with the pandemic that has left many with money struggles!

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