“I have love in abundance.” Men making advances on Pritty Vishy

Kenyan content creator Pritty Vishy has taken to her Insta Stories to address men who have been sliding into her DMs, suggesting that she lacks love for herself due to her recent interview. She urged them to refrain from contacting her and explained that she doesn’t lack self-love but rather financial stability.

In her message, Vishy emphasized that she is open to accepting love only if it comes with financial stability. She advised men not to approach her offering love alone, but to ensure they also have financial means.

“To all men who are calling and texting me because they feel like I lack love because of my dad (both biological and stepdad) and what I said in Obinna’s interview… My brothers, just leave me alone. The only thing I am lacking is money… Don’t come to my DM if you are offering to give me love alone… If you want to give me that love, make sure you have money too… When you see this glow-up, do you think it’s just paper that’s making me glow?” wrote Pritty Vishy.

Earlier, in an interview with Oga Obinna, Pritty Vishy had opened up about her challenging childhood experiences, including facing rejection and her relationships with father figures in her life.

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