“I make my money off men” Amber Ray takes pride in quick and easy hustle

Amber Ray isn’t interested in starting a business of her own or just setting up something that will help generate some income on the side – especially now that she is widely known across East African.

Amber Ray

Well – I say this because she herself admitted to this while responding to a fan who left a comment advising the socialite to up her game and make some money.

From what the fans wrote, I want to believe that she too was wondering why Amber isn’t learning/borrowing a thing from the likes of Betty Kyallo, Lilian Muli, Huddah; or even Vera Sidika who are currently top female entrepreneurs in the country.

However looks like we finally have an answer as to why Amber  remains in the comfort-zone and turns out – that her beauty is her biggest investment.

Amber Ray

Making money off men

Yes…you heard me right. According to Amber Ray not everyone is business oriented and this is why she doesn’t have to copy everything ‘socialites’ are doing around.

For her, beauty and a hot body is what will help pay her bills because the kind of men she rolls with; think of her outward appearance as an investment and thats why they spend on her.

And if you already known, Amber likes to play with the big boys, I mean look at Zaheer, Jimal and others…wait…did someone say Brown Mauzo? Lol…thought Amber was in it for the dry spell?

Anyway responding to the fan advising her on to investments, Amber said;

Sio kila mtu mwanabiashara…Riziki yangu ni wababa????kubaff!

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