I packed his belongings in a gunia and sent them in an Uber, to his workplace – Bridget Achieng on breakup

Reality TV actress, Bridget Achieng narrated the day she kicked out her lover from their house after he became a pathological lier.

The Kenyan socialite was out to inquire how fans outrightly could tell their relationship was over.

She posed:

When did you know your relationship was over?

Bridget highlighted her experience first, recalling how she threw out her partner without his knowledge.

On a normal day, the fashion stylist decided she had had enough of the string of lies she kept getting told.

So that day, she decided to surprise her lover with a gunia full of his belongings at his work place.

Bridget Achieng

The voluptuous lass asked the househelp to shovel her man´s clothes, possessions, hardware…you name it, into a sack. Yes, a gunia.

Bridget then sent an uber to drop the sack at her man´s workplace and that was done! It was over between the pair.

For me is when lying became a habit , just packed his belongings in a gunia and sent an uber with the gunia to his work place ????????????????????my whole family keep laughing about this till today…especially when I asked my househelp weka kila kitu kwa gunia moja mix them and gather them.

Mompreneur, Bridget Achieng

Laughing her heart out, the mother of 1 defended her actions with ´no time for confrontation´.

…no time for confrontation my friend and hakuna makasiriko niku move on …..neeeeext

Fans could not believe just how brutal the socialite had been to her lover, admitting:

Gunia????????????????????????????????wueeh????! ????????????Kwa job????????????! You have made my day


Gunia as in gunia kama ile ya makaa?? ???????????? Wueh

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