I sob uncontrollably, wishing you were here – Harji Nazizi

Image: Nazizi introduces son, Jazeel

Nazizi Harji, the legendary Kenyan rapper, continues to grapple with the loss of her son Jazeel, who tragically passed away a few months ago. In a recent update shared on her social media platforms, Nazizi expressed her deep longing for her son, revealing that she often finds herself in tears, yearning for his presence.

She reminisced about the precious moments she used to spend with Jazeel, especially their evenings watching Paw Patrol, laughing, and cuddling. Now that he’s gone, Nazizi struggles to cope with the void left by his absence.

“Used to be my favorite time of the day when we could wind down and watch Paw Patrol and laugh and cuddle. Now u gone my boy mama, don’t have anyone to spend her evenings with and I just cry and cry wishing you were here,” Nazizi shared.

In another emotional post a few days prior, Nazizi paid tribute to her late son, expressing the profound pain and emptiness she feels without him. She described the unbearable agony of living without the light of her life and the constant longing for Jazeel’s presence.

In a separate post, Nazizi opened up about the difficulty she faces in leaving her house since her son’s passing, highlighting the challenges of navigating through grief while society expects one to quickly bounce back.

Nazizi’s second-born son, Jazeel, tragically lost his life in December during a trip to Tanzania. The family announced the heartbreaking news on December 26th, 2023, revealing that Jazeel was involved in a fatal accident at a hotel where they were staying. He was laid to rest in Nairobi, in accordance with his religion.

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