I Was Once A Hawker And A Painter- Comedian Henry Desagu Opens Up On His Life Hustles (Video)

Henry Desagu, whose real name is Ithagu Kibicho, is without a doubt one of the most successful online comedians. However, from his success story, we learn that nothing comes on a silver platter. The hilarious comedian reveals that after finishing his high school, he did all sorts of work.

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”Ile time ilikuwa ile time yenye ukimaliza form four, unakaa sijui one and a half years ndio uende campus. Sasa apo ndio life ilinigonga. Apo nilifanya job zote. Nikaanza kuuza ma CD. Nilikuwa nauza zile za piracy… Apo ndio nika drop out nikafanya kazi ya painting. Kuna missionary alikuwa pastor akaniandika kwake kufanya painting. So hii ni time yote kabla nifike campus.”

In an interview on the Churchill show, the Comedian reveals that he came to the capital to further his education. After attending high school in Menengai High School, he proceeded to Kenyatta University. In the University, he studied Bachelors in Economics. This makes him one of the most learned comedians in the country. Additionally, the comedian also reveals that he was previously a stand-up comedian, before he proceeded to producing online content on YouTube.

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Through his YouTube channel, he was able to receive the YouTube Silver Button award. The award was for achieving over 100k subscribers. Since then, the comedian has gathered close to half a million subscribers on his channel.

Apart from that, Desagu names himself ‘Prince of Mwihoko’. In Agikuyu, the word ‘Mwihoko’ means hope. He is currently giving hope to many youths. Recently, he¬†hosted his own football tournament dubbed ‘Desagu Super Cup’ which saw a number of celebrities attend, including Sleepy David.

Desagu is an inspiration to upcoming comedians. As long as you produce good content, netizens will be ready to support.

Below is the video on his journey;

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