“I was misunderstood” Govi explains what he meant by saying ‘He only dates older women’

Former Machachari actor Govi started acting at the age of five – something he says might have influenced the man he is today. Speaking in a recent interview the young man revealed that unlike other kids who grew up in the company of their age mates – he got to live his childhood with adults making him mature abit too fast for his age.

Tbt: Baha, Govi and friend from Machachari

If you grow up somewhere seeing older people behaving in a certain way, you might end up liking that and for my case.

With everyone acting all grown up, Govi says he started borrowing some of these characters – which explains his interest in older women…. Probably because he doesn’t relate so well with immature ladies.

Being exposed to older people at a young age has made me want to date a woman older than me. Once in school, I pecked a classmate and she started crying, I was like why is she crying? It is normal.

I was misunderstood – Govi cries

Apart from that, Govi has now come out to explain what he meant by saying;

Machacharis Govi and Baha

In my own life, I have dated older ladies from back then.

A statement that was later used against him by Kenyans on social media – painting him like he only prefers sugar mummies ama wamama wa Harrier.

Explaining this to Mpasho, Govi said;

Kenyan fans are interesting. Old means, someone or something that is overstayed. For me, I meant older. You could be a day older and that is what I meant.


I am open to dating any woman but my preference is older, which women which could mean, one day older, two months or even 50 years older.

But as for him, he only dates women who are 4 years older than him and below.

I think that is the oldest that I have gone. That is my limit. Four years and below is my preference.

So that means 30 plus olds don’t stand a chance. Sorry ladies!

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