“I’m not giving you sh!t!” Sonko tells alleged baby mama demanding child support

Mike Sonko has come out to tell one of his alleged baby mamas sitoi hata bob (I’ll not give you even a shilling.) This is after she allegedly took him to court for failing to support their daughter.

From what we understand is that the baby mama is seeking Ksh 448,450 monthly child support for their 15 year old daughter; but problem is – Sonko says the woman is a serial con artist who has been doing this for years with her other baby daddy.

In a post shared on his page, the former governor however made it known  that he won’t be issuing even a cent to the lady; and if anything – he is willing and ready to take his daughter and raise her on his own.

Sonko baby mama drama


On the same post, Sonko went to mention that he already knows the money ‘child support’ will be used to sponsor her entertainment and drinking ways….something he won’t be doing despite having millions in his account. He wrote;

Hiyo part ya kutoanishwa pesa alafu anaenda kudunda 24/7 ndio hatutaelewana ata kidogo na sitoi hata bob. Hata mtoto awe si wangu amlete tu kwangu ata saii nitamlea vizuri.

Just to show how generous he is and how much he values children; Sonko asked other ladies having trouble raising their kids to bring them to him – since he can do this without any issues.

Na pia madem wengine mkifeel hamuezi cope up na kulea watoi msiwadhulumu kivyovote, waleteni kwangu nitawalea. It’s hard but fun being Mike Sonko.


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