In a bedsitter, my dad and I shared a bed. Magix Enga describes his problems.

Amos Njenga Chege, popularly known as Magix Enga, grew up in a religious household where financial hardships prompted him to leave home in pursuit of better opportunities.

Leaving his hometown of Nakuru for Nairobi, he was willing to take on any job, even street cleaning, to make ends meet. His humble dwelling was a room in Nyamakima, where he often went to bed hungry.

During his time in Nairobi, he frequented Gidi Kibukosya’s studios, where he honed his music production skills. This experience greatly motivated him. While in the city, he unexpectedly encountered his father, who had found employment with Molo Line.

Amos convinced his father that it would be beneficial for them to live together. Recounting their challenging living conditions to Mseto East Africa, Magix described their cramped living space and the fact that they shared a bed.

The duo often knelt together in prayer, seeking divine assistance for Amos’s success in the music industry. Amos’s unwavering faith in prayer astonished his father.

His prayers eventually yielded results. He found success with songs like “Digi Digi” with Arrow Bwoy, followed by collaborations with KRG the Don, leading to invitations to perform in Uganda and Mauritius. King Kaka and Otile Brown also became part of his journey.

Despite mastering these hit songs, Magix Enga claimed that he was never paid for his work. He emphasized the importance of recognizing when someone is taking advantage and asserted his commitment to hard work and self-motivation.

His passion for music production led him to work with other notable artists like Timmy T Dat and Khaligraph, contributing to the creation of more popular songs.

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