In just 48 hours, supporters have donated almost Sh5 million for Chira

Chira’s legacy is being honored with smiles as well-wishers from around the world have successfully raised over Sh5 million for his burial expenses.

Chira tragically lost his life in a hit-and-run accident on March 16th, 2024, succumbing to the impact of the collision.

Baba Talisha shared a heartwarming screenshot revealing that the contributions for Chira’s burial have surpassed Sh5 million within just 48 hours.

In a heartening gesture, some netizens suggested that the funds raised should be directed towards building a decent house for Chira’s grandmother. This proposal emerged after TikToker King Roso generously offered to cover Chira’s funeral costs of Sh850,000.

Roso further proposed that all additional funds raised through the ongoing fundraiser should be dedicated to constructing a better home for Chira’s grandmother.

Meanwhile, another compassionate TikToker stepped forward to support Chira’s cousin, who was left stranded after his untimely passing. Before his demise, Chira was reportedly sponsoring his cousin’s education.

“Congratulations, you’ve found a sponsor who will support your education, and he is in the US,” MC Chris warmly announced, bringing smiles to Chira’s cousin as he received the uplifting news.

Chira’s grandmother expressed her desire for her grandson to be laid to rest in a graduation gown, honoring his exceptional academic achievements. Despite being a bright student, Chira had not yet graduated from Kabarak University, where he was pursuing his studies.

His secondary education at Nkubu High School was marked by academic excellence, with his former classmates fondly recalling him as a standout scholar.

Chira’s final resting place will be in Githunguri, with his burial scheduled for Tuesday, March 26th, 2024.

“He will be buried in his graduation gown as per his grandmother’s wishes. He was an outstanding student, achieving an A-,” Baba Talisha solemnly announced, commemorating Chira’s academic prowess and his enduring impact on those who knew him.

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