Instagram bans Edgar Obare’s account again

Blogger Edgar Obare faced another setback when his Instagram account, “BNN Basic,” was suspended for violating community guidelines on content publishing. The exact reason for the suspension remains unknown, but it marks the fourth time one of Obare’s Instagram accounts has been deactivated.

While suspended accounts have an appeal period, sources suggest that individuals considered as his “enemies” might have reported the account, possibly due to his perceived ‘bullying’ of personalities and causing distress in their lives. Some individuals he has clashed with expressed satisfaction that Instagram took action to regulate his activities.

One local celebrity commented, “I hope the government also shuts down his online business.” Business mogul Christina Lewis, currently in a legal dispute with Obare, referred to the suspension as a “soft warning” and urged him to stop harming people.

Later, Obare announced that he successfully recovered the account after making an appeal. Despite facing multiple account suspensions, he expressed determination to regroup and return. In October 2022, Instagram had previously suspended his blogging account, BNN Africa, citing a violation of community guidelines related to ‘human exploitation.’

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