It’s messy when we involve our women in beef – Mr. Seed

Image: Mr Seed

Mr. Seed has issued a heartfelt plea to his former friends Willy Paul and Bahati amid their ongoing feud.

Speaking in an interview with SPM Buzz, the Gospel singer expressed his longing for their past friendship and urged for reconciliation.

Addressing Willy Paul, Mr. Seed empathized with the challenges Pozee may be facing and offered words of encouragement, highlighting his own experiences of adversity.

“Prison is designed for men. We’ve all been through tough times. Before you even know me, I’ve slept in Kiambu, in places where he’s been taken, I’ve slept in Korogocho, I’ve slept in Huruma, so it’s part of life. Maybe his turn was predetermined, he should reflect on that.”

Acknowledging their shared upbringing and brotherhood, Mr. Seed expressed his sadness at the situation and emphasized the importance of resolving conflicts amicably, away from legal entanglements.

“I grew up with Willy and Bahati, we’re like brothers. I was heartbroken to see what happened. Bahati called me while I was at the carwash, we had a conversation. It’s something we’ve never talked about before, but the current situation, personally, even if we’re not on good terms, I wouldn’t want to see us go down that path. If there’s any resolution, they should sort it out away from the law. That would be best. I don’t think the beef should have escalated like it did.”

Advocating for unity and cooperation, Mr. Seed stressed the importance of loving and supporting one another, avoiding negativity and conflicts that can harm relationships and businesses.

“We need to stop. Let’s love each other, work together, not wish each other to fail, let’s not insult each other, those things should be sorted out privately. You know, I understand all of them because one attacked the other, and vice versa. People’s reactions are different, you never know how someone feels, what their intentions are, and these stories often have a negative impact on business.”

Reflecting on his own recent challenges and the impact on his career, Mr. Seed underscored the need to resolve conflicts privately to avoid further complications.

“Like I had issues a few weeks ago. It ruined two endorsements, two shows were canceled. So imagine the situation these two are in. These are things that should be sorted out privately. Another problem with this situation is when we start involving wives in our affairs, it becomes messy.”

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