Jaguar appointed CAS by President Ruto

Image: Hon Jaguar in hospital

Hon. Charles Njagua popularly known as musician Jaguar, the immediate former Starehe Constituency Member of Parliament has been nominated as the CAS at the Ministry of Youth Affairs,the Arts & Sports.

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The announcement was made earlier in the evening by President Ruto and he was named alongside 48 other candidates whose names were submitted for vetting by Parliament on March 2nd.

Jaguar joins a number of politicians who lost their elective seats in last year’s general election but who found redemption through the nomination by President William Ruto to the position of Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS).

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He took to his social media to thank Ruto for the appointment saying,
I would like to thank H.E the President William Ruto,Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua for your trust in me by nominating me for the position of CAS Youth and Sports ,the entire UDA administration for the tireless efforts that have put in place to streamline the government.

To the people of Starehe this one belongs to you.You trusted me to serve you and challenged to do better.Mbarikiwe sana

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