Jalang’o discusses the impact that entering politics has had on him.

Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwuor, popularly known as ‘Jalang’o,’ reflected on his life after entering politics, emphasizing that little has changed for him personally.

“In essence, my lifestyle remains largely unchanged; I still reside in the same place, drive the same car, and continue with my daily routines. The only notable difference is the added responsibility of addressing the concerns and needs of the people who entrusted me with their votes,” he shared during an interview with Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo.


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He expressed his deep satisfaction with political life, highlighting the joy he finds in serving his constituents and addressing their challenges.

“I derive immense satisfaction from serving the people who elected me to represent them in parliament. It’s truly fulfilling to be able to make a tangible difference in their lives, whether it’s ensuring access to basic amenities like water or improving infrastructure like roads,” he explained.


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Looking ahead to the upcoming elections, Jalang’o confirmed his intention to seek reelection for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat. He expressed confidence in his track record of service to the people of Lang’ata, believing it will secure him another term in office.

When questioned about his plans in the event that he does not succeed in retaining the Lang’ata parliamentary seat, Jalang’o asserted that he has other avenues available to him besides returning to broadcasting.

“Even if broadcasting isn’t an option, I have other business ventures to explore. However, I see no reason not to continue in politics. If you diligently serve the people and address their needs, you will earn their support,” he affirmed

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