Jalang’o reveals he will not resign from being Lang’ata MP

Lang’ata MP Felix Odiwour, alias Jalang’o, has expressed confidence in winning a second term in office despite being expelled from the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party.

Jalang’o was recently kicked out of ODM for meeting President William Ruto. However, he insists that he did nothing wrong and that resigning from his seat would be a validation of his ‘wrongdoings.’

Jalang’o explained that he called ODM leader Raila Odinga before attending Ruto’s launch of affordable housing in Lang’ata. Odinga gave him the go-ahead to attend the event.

“When I joined the parliamentary group meeting in Maanzoni, I was beaten up. I tried reaching out to understand what I had done wrong but no one was responding. I could no longer attend ‘Baba’s events,'” Jalang’o said.

Jalang’o is confident that he will win re-election as an independent candidate. He is banking on the fact that there is no Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in place to conduct elections.

“There is no IEBC to conduct elections so why would I resign and maybe the team will be formed in 2026?” he posed.

Jalang’o’s confidence is admirable, but it remains to be seen whether he can win re-election without the support of a major political party.

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