Jeff Koinange Claims to not know what Fuliza is

Image: Jeff Koinange

Jeff Koinange, on his morning show on Hot 96, Had a conversation with his radio partner Patrick Igunza  where the topic of MPESA Was brought up. Here’s how the conversation went:


Igunza: “wewe ni msee wa MPESA, ama wee ni msee wa kuswipe?”


Koinange: “yes I do (use MPESA)”


Igunza: “do you use Fuliza?”


Koinange: “who?”


Igunza: “Fuliza”


Koinange: “huyo ni nani? Bro najua MPESA bana”

After that, Igunza  had to explain the whole concept of Fuliza to Jeff. You can see the whole exchange below:



Funny story given how Jeff was auctioned for being 200 million shillings in debt a few years back.  I guess he only goes for the big loans then

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