Jeff Koinange: “I have been broke so many times”

Despite the impression public figures like to put forward,  they go through problems just like the rest of us.  It’s usually hard to get them to admit this, but Jeff Koinange  recently came out on his breakfast show on hot 96 to talk about the many times he went broke  especially when he was trying to find his feet after flying out to America.


His co-host Igunza  asked him whether he’s ever gone Broke and Jeff replied


“Many times Man.  You know I lived in New York for several years and that place is a tough town to live in. You have to work to pay your rent, to pay your bills, to pay everything.”


 The message might not be coming across properly in writing,  but I believe Jeff was referring to the High cost of living in New York.  It is one of the most expensive places to live in the world.  According to numbeo.com  which is a website that tracks cost of living in different places around the world,  a single person in New York spends 560,000 shillings every month on basic expenses. Jeff continue to explain the problems he faced navigating this 


“I had like three jobs.  one from 8 to 4,  another from 4 to midnight and another from midnight to 8. Unalala in between. They were 20 minutes apart and I would use the train to go between them.”


He went on to explain that he had to  time his shifts such that he had a bit of time in between to catch a small bite and some sleep. You can catch the full interview below:

 This is the reality of life even for the successful people we see in the media.  They started from the bottom and had to work their way up from there to make it to where we see them now.  If you were going through the same process, take heart. Perhaps you too shall be on our screens in the future like Jeff

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