Jimal Buys Amber Ray A Brand New Range Rover After Her Break Up With Kennedy Rapudo (Video)

Amber Ray is having a field day entertaining netizens after her break-up. She seems totally unmoved with the break-up despite getting out of the relationship pregnant.

But there’s evidently reason for her not to fear raising her kid. To begin with, Rapudo claimed he would take care of the kid regardless of their break-up.

Secondly, Amber seems to be having options. Her ex-boyfriend Jimal has shown her interest once again. He began by following her back on Gram to depict he’s ready to rekindle their love.

Jimal also recently offered Amber a job after learning about the news of her break-up. It’s easy peasy to read through the lines.

The flashy businessman has now given Amber Ray yet another gift; A brand new Range Rover, estimated to cost between 8-10 Million Kenya shillings.

Amber Ray took to her social media to flaunt the gift.

”Ehe.. Kiongozi aliskia nimeteseka kutumia jeep sai venye iko juu. Akanitumia gari. Enyewe never burn bridges. May God bless you for me chairman,” Amber wrote.

The sumptuous gift is probably meant to make Amira jealous. Don’t you think? Considering she celebrated her break-up with Rapudo. Do you think it’s clout or a real gift?


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