Jimal Roho Safi Flaunts His Luxurious Fleet Of Cars (Video)

From a matatu tout, to chairman of Matatu Association, Jimal Roho Safi is the epitome of grass to grace. The businessman has made it big in the matatu industry. After completing his high school, Jimal decided to become a tout and diligently did this for two years. He later bought his own matatu and employed a driver and a tout while he went ahead to become a driver in someone else’s vehicle. Even while driving, he had a vision to make it and worked towards achieving thi

The matatu industry provides income of hundreds of thousands and has made people like Jimal millionaires. Some well known money men started working in the matatu industry before branching out to bigger and better things, including Bonfire Adventures CEO Simon Kabu. One other person who has made a fortune through the industry and loves the limelight Jamal Roho Safi.

Jamal Roho Safi is an entrepreneur who knows how to turn situations in his favor and make good money while doing so. He was involved in supplying masks at the brink of COVID-19 peak. These are among his business ideas which he turns into palpable income.

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Jimal Shows Off His Cars

Talking about money, Jimal’s love for big cars is also evident. And he owns a couple of them. He flaunted 2 of his cars; Range Rover and a Toyota V8 on his Instagram, and captioned a message of encouragement to his fans.

”Continue believing, one day itajipa. Conductor 12 years ago Alhamdulilah”

His sleek rides are a gesture that Jimal is currently eating life with a big spoon.

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