Jimal RohoSafi weighs in on ‘character development’ by Nairobi women, he learnt the hard way

Jimal Roho Safi has been making headlines since he got involved with Amber Ray. If you remember well, Jimal Rohosafi was said to have dumped his first wife for Amber Ray, who he referred to as his second wife at the time.

From what I remember, is that Jimal caused so much trouble between his two wives; to a point that he moved Amber from Syokimau to Hurlingham where she currently resides.

At the time, Jimal’s love for Amber Ray seemed like it would never end; but first wife Amira on the other hand, advised fans not to take things so serious since this was just seasonal fling for her husband, Jimal.

Jimal learning the hard way?

Well – I don’t wanna say Jimal was earned against embarrassing his family after finding new love….but yea – they did warn him – but being in love once again after so many years – the advice fell into deaf ears.

Which brings us here. Well, barely a year into his relationship with Amber Ray, we can confirm that Jimal and his Kamba bae are no longer together. Not sure why, but all we know is that the two fell out early 2022 and since then – they’ve both acting like they don’t know each other.

Anyway maybe for not so long especially with Jimal throwing hints about toxic relationships on social media. His recent post believed to be describing Amber Ray read;

when someone nowadays says I love you, know that 95% they want to use you….


Its hard to find someone genuine #correct

A lesson he must have learnt after getting involved with Nairobi socialites eventually did him wrong.

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