Jimal’s Efforts To Get Amira’s Attention Are Failing

Image: Jimal and wife, Amira

Predicaments between Jimal Roho Safi & his ex-wife Amira are yet to be solved. Jimal is now feeling the flinch of not settling their differences while Amira was still reachable.

By now, Jimal should have already moved on and let Amira be. But it seems like the flamboyant businessman is following Amira’s every move.

Jimal Insecure

Jimal became more insecure recently after learning that his wife Amira was heading to Tanzania. According to Jimal, Amira went to Tanzania to be-witch him.

He shared a post on his Instagram that read;

”Someone’s mind never relaxes. Hata uende wapi kuongeza nguvu hiyo tushajua.

We’re well aware that Tanzania is good when it comes to voodoo- no beef intended. This is what is giving Jimal goosebumps.

He continued to admonish Amira to go back to her Godly ways & work hard.

”My advice, come back to God, work hard and move on.”

Shortly afterwards, Jimal requested netizens to pray for him since his wife was already in Tanzania planning to do evil to him.

The ironical thing is Amira hasn’t been on Jimal’s business. She’s out here doing her own stuff. This makes us question Jimal’s sentiments that his life is in danger. Meawhile, all we can do is to pray for him anyway.

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