Jowie’s attire on the day Monica Kimani was killed

Image: Jowie Irungu

In the ongoing trial concerning the murder of Monica Kimani, Justice Grace Nzioka has highlighted pivotal evidence regarding the clothing worn by the first accused, Jowie Irungu, on the day of the tragic incident.

During court proceedings, Justice Nzioka underscored the significance of corroborative evidence, which strengthens the prosecution’s case. Testimony from a witness named Pamela provided crucial details, indicating that Jowie was dressed in a white shirt with patterns, a maroon cap, and brown shorts when he left the premises.

“The prosecution produced brown shorts and a maroon cap. They were shown to the witness, and they said they resembled what he was wearing,” stated Justice Nzioka.

Furthermore, additional witnesses confirmed Jowie’s attire, reinforcing the prosecution’s claims. Justice Nzioka highlighted the consistency among testimonies, emphasizing that multiple witnesses identified the same clothing items worn by Jowie on the day of the incident.

Addressing the debated issue of the brown shorts, Justice Nzioka clarified that, although there was a dispute over the color description, the presence of the maroon cap was consistently acknowledged by all witnesses.

“In every witness’s account, the maroon cap emerged. There is no evidence disputing its ownership by the accused,” remarked Justice Nzioka.

Based on the corroborative testimonies and tangible evidence presented in court, Justice Nzioka affirmed the veracity of Jowie’s attire on the day Monica Kimani was murdered.

In addition to confirming Jowie’s clothing, the court also established that Jowie had prior acquaintance with Monica Kimani, contradicting his earlier claims of unfamiliarity with the victim before her demise.

Jowie Irungu, the primary accused in Monica Kimani’s murder trial, has been facing charges since 2018, alongside Jacque Maribe, his co-accused.

Justice Nzioka further affirmed that the court has confirmed Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu’s presence in the residence of the late Monica Kimani. The judge emphasized that sufficient evidence pointed to Jowie as the last individual witnessed with Monica at her Lamuria Gardens residence.

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