Juliani silences breakup rumours about him and Lilian Ng’ang’a

Juliani’s rapper wife Lilian Nganga lavishly celebrated her 38th birthday.

The couple commemorated the momentous occasion with an alluring birthday picture shoot where they captured priceless moments with their darling kid, Utheri.

Juliani planned a pleasant surprise for his loving wife out of love and admiration.

My birthday is April 22. Mpenzi wangu’s (my love) is June 22. Ler, our son, was born on July 22. 2 much!

As a warm welcome to Lilian’s new age, a special meal was made, complete with an attractive display of white flowers and a gorgeously decorated chocolate cake.
In addition, Juliani showed off his better half and shared pictures they had taken together, including some of them with their 11-month-old kid Utheri.

Notably, Juliani couldn’t help but notice the odd alignment of important events in their lives when they were celebrating.

Juliani went on to say how much he loved Lilian and how much happiness and joy she has brought into his life.

“Nyar Okuyu. Lady lovely. Msichana switi, peremende. Gal sambaratisha my heart. Miss mwah! Mwah! Mtoto fine thank you. Happy birthday, Mpenzi,” Juliani declared, his heartfelt words resonating with deep affection.

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