‘Kama chungu tema’ Karen Nyamu tells critics after sharing video of Samidoh bonding with months old son (Video)

Karen Nyamu is proud to be dating Mugiithi singer Samuel Muchoki, alias Sammidoh despite the fact that he is married; but come to think of it, isn’t polygamy allowed in Kenya? Yes.

Anyway after many linked Samidoh with Karen Nyamu – a renowned politician and lawyer; the two kept playing games until just recently when ms Nyamu unveil a video showing father and son (Sammy and Nyamu’s son) bonding.

Samidoh and alleged 2nd wife, Karen Nyamu

The cute video unfortunately seemed to attracted negative comments; hence forcing Karen Nyamu to limit the feedback section as fans attacked her for being a husband snatcher.

Others targeted the her toddler son; and just like any mother, she had no option but to protect him from them. As for the mean comments – it’s social media – where anything and everything is possible.

Nyamu vs fans

With fans attacking her from all angles, Ms Nyamu decided to engage; and as expected, the politician came with a ‘don’t care attitude’ – which unfortunately angered fans more -therefore making the situation worse.

As seen on one post, Nyamu hit back at the haters saying;

A bunch of extremely bitter women frothing at the mouth when they see a child bonding with their dad???????? sasa nyinyi.

Nyamu’s post

Deal with it

In yet another post, Nyamu made it known that despite the insults; she was not going to stop posting her family and by this she meant Son and Samidoh.

I will never stop posting my family. I have nothing to hide in my life now

Samidoh and Karenzo Nyamu

To haters

As for those asking why Samidoh never shares Nyamu’s photos on his page; the socialite politician in turn responded by saying;

ati oooh why are you posting kama anakupenda akupost. Basi hanipendi???????????????? posting posting is for boys.

Watch the adorable father and son moments below.


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