Kamene Goro explains how she broke her knee three times

Recently, radio presenter Kamene Goro  has been spotted walking around with a brace on her knee.  up until now it’s been a mystery what happened to her,  but she recently appeared on Size 8 and DJ Mo’s show  to explain what exactly happened.


“I can’t stand for long, I have a problematic knee.”


Kamene said. Size 8 ask her what happened and Kamene  replied


“ 5 years ago, I got a meniscus tear. Kakitu tu Inside your knee ikararuka. It’s a small piece of the knee, like mafupa ya maskio. So I did the first surgery.”


 The story doesn’t end there. Apparently her knee  again gave her problems soon after


“4 weeks later,  I did a second surgery because it tore again. Alafu nikakaa kiasi, a couple of years, and then last year we were out of town and then it tore again. I’ve never felt pain like that in my life. So in January I did the surgery. Went to hospital on Tuesday,  the surgery was on Wednesday, I left hospital on Saturday.  But the recovery was so hard. I didn’t walk for 2 months.  I had to teach myself to walk again on my birthday.”


You can see the full interview in the video below:

Looks like Kamene  has had a really tough time managing her leg problems and that’s why she was walking with a brace.  We wish her a speedy recovery

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