Kamene Goro narrates how her fiancé dumped her a few days to their wedding

Popular News anchor Kamene Goro is undeniably a beautiful. From her social media pages we can all agree that she gives many a reason to keep revisiting her social media pages thanks to her photos.

A few months ago she was however set to marry the love of her life, but this did not happen. From what we heard is that she had called off her anticipated wedding due to reasons known best to herself.

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This left many snooping around trying to find the reason why she walked out just a few days before her big day. But since Kamene Goro had chosen to maintain her silence no one could explain her sudden change of mind.

Months later the lady has opened about revealing the main reason she did not get married. Speaking to Mpasho, Kamene Goro revealed that she was actually dumped by her man. She says he just called to break up with her and promised to explain everything to her when he comes to Nairobi.

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“I didn’t understand and I asked why, but he kept saying he’ll come to Nairobi to talk through it, and he never came. That day I remember I called DJ Hypnotic because he was there when I was proposed to, he was part of the guys who put the surprise together with my ex. I called him and I told him he’d broken up with me. Afterwards, I called him and asked if he was sure of what he was saying because once you close this door I can’t guarantee you it will ever open again. And he said, Yes.”

So what made him breakup with the lady?

The news anchor says she is yet to know what led to their sudden split.

“Up until now, I don’t know what happened and I told myself I didn’t want to know. I’m not friends with my exes. And then I found myself single. I can never go back to him,”

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