Kamene Goro on why she regrets settling down at 23 years, says ‘it wasn’t worth it’

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Kamene Goro just celebrated her 30th birthday recently, and unlike her other birthdays – this one was special. She just upgraded from the 2nd floor to the 3rd which is a blessing considering how everything she has archived so far.

Kamene Goro
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However at 30, one would have expected Kamene Goro to have settled down by now or even has a kid, but this is not the case. Actually judging from how Kamene Goro speaks of marriage, I have a feeling she won’t be embarking on that journey anytime soon especially after her first failed marriage.

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Speaking about it (failed marriage) a few days ago, Kamene described it as a waste of time – a move that robbed her 3 years of her career, just because she wanted love. Having settled down at 23 years due to lack of knowledge, Kamene through her morning Kiss show spoke about her experience saying;

Kamene Goro with ex

I have been through one/two heartbreaks. I cried for two days before I prayed about it. God helped me through it. I wouldn’t be here if it was not for him.


From what she says is that at 23, she could have achieved so much more and might have changed her life for good. Looking back, she regrets the time wasted on her lover who ended up disappointing her in the end after wasting her time.

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Although she cannot change the past, Kamene for once wished she could – just to take back the the 3 and a half years that went down the drain.

I was crying because of the time I had wasted. I cut my career shot for 3 and a half years. Do you know how many things I could have done?”

But again, they say you can’t be old and wise if you haven’t been young and daft, right?

So yea clearly you can understand why Kamene Goro keeps asking young ladies not to settle young….it’s just not worth it!

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