Kanyari reacts to a prayer concerning his reconciliation with former spouse Betty Bayo

Image: Betty Bayo and Kanyari

Controversial pastor Victor Kanyari has been making headlines once again, this time for hinting at a potential reconciliation with his ex-wife, Betty Bayo, during a TikTok live session. Paired with content creator Choffri, Kanyari faced questions about his past relationship with Betty Bayo and the possibility of them getting back together.


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In the live session, Choffri directly asked Kanyari about the reasons behind his breakup with Betty Bayo. Kanyari, displaying remarkable composure, responded by stating that Betty had left him and had not borne any children with another man since their divorce. This revelation hinted at a potential desire for reconciliation on Kanyari’s part.

Choffri, seemingly optimistic about the prospect of Kanyari and Betty reuniting, expressed confidence that Betty would return to Kanyari and even suggested that Kanyari pray for their reunion. This sentiment was echoed by Choffri’s assurance that Betty would not start a family with another man but would instead seek reconciliation with Kanyari.

Kanyari received Choffri’s words positively, responding with an “Amen” and expressing openness to the idea of Betty coming back to him. Choffri further encouraged Kanyari not to pursue marriage with another woman, emphasizing the potential for reconciliation with Betty.


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However, reactions from netizens were mixed, with some expressing skepticism about Choffri’s involvement in Kanyari and Betty’s personal lives. Despite the mixed responses, Kanyari’s past experiences, including his involvement in scandals that led to the loss of his family, add complexity to the situation.

Kanyari’s recent activities, including his presence on TikTok and controversial topics like receiving condoms in church, have sparked speculation about his motives and authenticity. This ongoing narrative raises questions about Kanyari’s intentions and whether his actions are driven by a genuine desire for reconciliation or for publicity.

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