Kanze Dena says she’s not been paid for years despite working for Uhuru

Image: Kanze Dena before the new weight

The Office of the Fourth President of Kenya has raised concerns over the prolonged delay in staff payments, spanning two years without compensation. Kanze Dena, the office spokesperson, addressed the issue during a recent press briefing, citing the inability to accurately quantify the total outstanding dues.


Dena disclosed that despite an allocation of Sh655 million in the 2022/2023 fiscal year, the office only received a meager Sh28 million, roughly 4.4% of the total budget, excluding staff salaries and medical coverage.


“We’ve observed no transactions reflecting the allocated funds in the retired president’s account, while we can affirm salary and medical insurance disbursements, the exact figures remain undisclosed.”


Additionally, Dena highlighted instances of staff intimidation and late-night communications at the Former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s office.


“Staff members have reported instances of unwarranted pressure and intimidation, often through late-night phone calls. There have been attempts to enforce sudden transfers during these late hours, which raises concerns for our team’s well-being and security.”


The allegations underscore a pressing need for transparency and accountability within the office, prompting calls for swift action to address the outstanding financial concerns and ensure the welfare of its staff members.

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