Karen Nyamu bad mouthing & belittling Samidoh might be the reason mugiithi singer never claimed her in public

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If there is one thing i know about men is that they dislike women with sharp mouths. Okay we can talk about a woman throwing tantrums but not one who is quick to air her business on social media just because she feels hurt or betrayed.

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Such behavior can be allowed for young women ranging from 21 to 25 years since this is when they are discovering who they are….so yea a little bit of drama here and there like that of Elodie Zone and Nviiri is allowed – but when it comes to the likes of Karen Nyamu, a mother of 3 its just a no, no!

Well I say this judging from a new comment where Karen Nyamu took a swipe at Samidoh by belittling him as a man, a father and husband.

Alipewa pia mak*nd* ama ni ile tu missing in action hehehe ni inyui mwi kou

Reading through what Karen said, i couldnt help but just stare with disgust – and although i really keep up with her social media… for a minute i wanted to unfollow because damn, who talks like that? SENATOR MZIMA? WHY?

Give Samidoh a break

And now I also feel like Karen Nyamu has been the thorn in Samidoh’s life and although the guy might have genuinely been in love with her….he always avoided to go public because he knows her behavior – si kila mtu anajua tabia za mtu wake and avoid public embarrassment he kept the relationship low key as possible…..but guess who outed it? Yea drama queen.

Well I don’t really know who handles her social media pages but all I know is that Karen Nyamu needs to stop reasoning like a 19 year old and focus on 30’s because time is moving and with that behavior hatopata ata Ben 10 cause wanaume wanaogopa mdomo mingi.

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