Karen Nyamu donates 50,000 KSH to the family of the late Rex who died during anti-Finance Bill protests

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has donated 50,000 KSH to the family of Rex, who died while protesting against the 2024 Finance Bill.


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Nyamu expressed her support for young people and felt compelled to help after the tragic and swift death of the young protester drew widespread attention. Speaking to a close family member of Rex, she explained why she couldn’t visit in person, citing security concerns due to her association with the government.

“I really wanted to come, but my security team advised against it because I am affiliated with the government. My presence could potentially trigger his friends,” Nyamu said.


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She assured the family that she would visit them soon and promised to help them further.

“I will come to see you later, and we can discuss your work situation and other matters,” Nyamu added.

Her call aimed to show solidarity with Rex’s family and confirm that they had received the financial support she sent.

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