Karen Nyamu painting Samidoh as a good dad days after mocking his manhood tells us alot about her character

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Im starting to think Karen Nyamu is a confused woman because one day she wakes up and says Samidoh is her pillar of strength then – another day she says he aint sh!t.…like just the other day when she mocked him – for not having bollz of steel….remember that?

Samidoh with baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Well For those who may have forgotten – allow me to refresh your memories. Okay….it all started with a fan who asked Ms Nyamu whether she had seen how Kenya’s vice president Riggy G had summoned Samidoh about his two wives…..and to our suprise, instead of Nyamu playing this off – she decided to engage the fan.

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By engage I dont mean, Karen Nyamu defending her baby daddy but actually attacking him for never been man enough to claim her in public….or better….defend her during that December fight in Dubai.

Karen Nyamu changes tune

Okay here me out….let’s assume Karen said this while still very bitter about Samidoh, who has probably been avoiding her since the December fight; and maybe hasnt been answering her calls for the past few weeks hence the bitter sentiments, right…I mean how else would i explain a grown woman’s bitter post if not planning it on her pain? Not a question btw.

Anyway having done another blunder….that probably ended the relationship for good…who wants a woman who insults him in public and belittles him? Anyway now that she mocked him – Karen is back to praising her baby daddy for being the best dad she could ever ask for her kids.

Speaking during interview Nyamu said:

Karen Nyamu with son, Sam Junior

One thing about him is that he might not be many things but he is a responsible dad. He does what he does about the kids whether I talk to him or not.

As if that wasn’t enough to keep reporters busy on baby daddy – Ms Nyamu went on to add;

To me he sometimes fails me but he is a good dad.

And oh well….weve said it time and time again that mambo ya watu wiwili ni ngumu simply meaning we can’t really predict the future….but chances are that these two might reconcile

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